Liz Green – Where The River Don’t Flow


I’ve gone and made another music video for the lovely Liz Green. And yes, there was lots of paper involved.

You might have seen the previous video I made for Liz in 2012 (which you can find here).

For that video I went with the desolation and despair of the western frontier, set amid brown paper and bloodshed.

This time we find our desolation and despair in a Dickensian music hall. There's spook and skeletons, and a little dance routine thrown in for luck.

Have a look below.


Before I go, here’s a little making of:

The One Hour Plays!

For the past couple of months I've been designing posters for the fantastic fringe show The One Hour Plays.

"What the hell is The One Hour Plays?" I hear you ask. Well, in their own words:

"With copious help from our audience, each play is conceived, devised, costumed, scripted and performed before your very eyes - with a newly painted backdrop and a freshly composed score! Art Attack meets Anneka Rice with live playwriting, this is a richly sensory spectacle which lays bare the nuts and bolts of the theatre in all its eccentricity."


To find out more about the plays, go to their website, and to see a few more of my posters just take a scroll.